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New!     Tiny Away

This Year we have partnered up with Tiny Away and have installed 2 amazing Tiny Houses on the mountain.

These can be booked through tiny away by hitting the link below!

We are installing two more this summer and its great to have another great option of self contained mountain adventure bliss! 

About Our Tiny Houses hosted by Tiny Away

Find your perfect spot at Lake Stella Mountain Retreat inside Mt Lyford Adventure Park. The ideal tiny house perched on top of the North Canterbury mountains, complete with a mountain lake nestled among the mountain tundra and overlooking Amuri Basin. Where you can feel the natural elements while admiring the breathtaking views of South Island, New Zealand.


Lake Stella Mountain Retreat is located inside Mt Lyford Adventure Park on the South Island of New Zealand, where you can rest and enjoy comfortable accommodation with easy access to water, a woodfire, a kitchenette, cooking equipment, and excellent bathroom facilities. The bathroom follows ecologically sustainable principles, including a cassette toilet with a removable waste-holding tank, hand basin, and shower (gas heated for hot showers) for you to use. It focuses on satisfying people's needs with natural resources and processes to save the environment. If you plan to spend your weekend getaways here, we advise that you bring your basic necessities such as food and water during your stay with us. Thank you!


Guests will have access to the tiny house and its surroundings, which include a three-mountain mountain park and our beautiful native bush below. Guests are advised to prepare the necessary items to bring with them as the property is situated in a mountainous area, and in some cases, a personal locator beacon is required. Guests will have restricted to some areas, which may be closed due to severe weather conditions. When venturing out during these conditions, please check with the land host first.


- Breakfast is not available - No smoking allowed on the property - Pets are allowed for an additional fee of $50 - No unregistered guests or visitors are allowed - Good mobile reception in general, very good with Spark - We would like to remind guests that the wind can be noisy and strong at times - Please note that this is a PET-FRIENDLY property, and pet policies will be sent prior to arrival - Please pay parking fees at xxx at least 48 hours prior arrival date in order to obtain access codes and detailed information of the park. Safety guidelines - Watch out for steep drop-offs and no leaving the property during the heavy snow and rain, or a wind storm as there is a risk of avalanches or landslides. Guest Advisory - We would like to remind guests that our tiny house follows ecologically sustainable principles, including a cassette toilet with a removable waste-holding tank. Important note: - No BBQ grill and outdoor fire pit as both are fire-risks - Dropping cigarette butts on dry grass can start a bushfire. Please put out your cigarettes properly - Due to the property's rural location, you may encounter inconveniences such as insects and wild animals during your stay.


Lake Stella Mountain Retreat is located between Kaikoura and Hanmer in a secret mountain paradise at Mt. Lyford. Set in an high above an alpine village and ski resort on the South Island of New Zealand. Our local recommendations: - Kaikoura Coast is a coastal town that's perfect for marine life encounters, coastal walks, and tucking into a plate of crayfish. - Hanmer Springs is a resort town in the Canterbury region with a variety of pools, including fun water slides, relaxing rock pools, and relaxing sulfur pools. - Mt. Lyford Adventure Park offers self-guided mountain access for activities like biking and hiking in the summer and snowboarding, skiing, and ice skating on the lake in the winter.


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